The Integrative Physio

Here at 8th Ave Physio we understand that there is so much more to people’s pain and dysfunction than just the injury itself. That’s why we genuinely believe in treating the person as whole, not just the injury. This patient-centered approach is ingrained into how we treat our clients, and it’s what you can expect when you walk through the door of our clinic!

Fed up with pain stopping you?

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What does it mean to be an ‘Integrative Physio’?

Whilst we have a strong understanding of the physiology of your injury through years of study and learning, being an integrative physio means to consider all of the other contributing factors that may be impeding your health and your injury. These are the things which aren’t normally taught in universities and textbooks, yet they play such a major role in how you respond to your recovery.

Some of these factors include the internal and external stresses you have in your life, what your injury restricts you from being able to do and how these challenges are driving your symptoms.

Once we understand this, we can better gauge how to guide you out of pain and back to doing what you love!

8th Ave Physio - Palm Beach Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology
8th Ave Physio - Palm Beach Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

What can you expect?

At 8th Ave Physio, this patient-centred approach is the fibre that binds us to getting you the best outcomes. We take the time in ensuring you get the most out of your experience at our clinic.

The first time you come into the clinic, your integrative physio will complete a thorough assessment of your history, an in-depth goal & value setting process and some additional physical testing.

The key to practicing patient-centered care is through ‘listening’! Your physio will then provide a diagnosis and detailed explanation of what factors may be driving your pain, followed by a comprehensive treatment plan to recalibrate your body’s own environment to heal itself. We will focus on ‘you’ as a person and try our very best to have you actively engaged in your own recovery!

We have a saying at 8th Ave Physio and that is

We don’t fix you, you fix yourself. We just guide you to create the environment for you to heal and grow.