Diploma of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology


Exercise and Sports Science Australia


Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Brain Related Disorders, Lower Back Pain, Insomnia, Women's Health

Lauren Spencer

Exercise Physiologist

"I have always strived to be in a career that contributes to the community around me, something more than just showing up to work. Through my heavy involvement in sport as a teenager in state league netball I came into the orbit of several amazing allied healthcare professionals and knew that rehabilitation is where I wanted to pursue this goal. It was my own experience with lower back pain and circulatory dysfunction during my exercise science degree that saw me appreciate the great role of exercise and movement in my own health management after meeting an exercise physiologist. Following this I progressed to my Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

I am extremely passionate about getting my clients back to a place they feel empowered in their own abilities and attaining a high quality lifestyle that isn’t defined by a chronic condition. I consider myself a bit of an all-rounder, but have a specific interest in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, ADHD and Anxiety as well as exercise physiology for improved sleep .

In my free time I like to immerse myself in good food and wine with friends, a healthy level of binge watching terrible television and treating my French Bulldog to several coffee and park tours."

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