Bachelor of Physiotherapy


Australian Physiotherapy Association


Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Functional Rehab

Angus Wilson

Associate Physiotherapist

“There’s no better feeling than seeing a person thriving in an activity which at some point seemed impossible due to a debilitating injury. Especially knowing that you had a hand in helping them get back to the best version of themselves. It’s that feeling which drove me into becoming a physio and motivates me to get out of bed each and every morning! (with exception to when the surf is good…).

As a physio, I feel super lucky to be in a position where I’m able to help people and give them the best chance at living a healthy life. More specifically, I have a strong passion for neck & shoulder injuries, or anything surf & sport-related! Being an avid surfer myself (or trying at least), I understand how frustrating it can be having to sit out of the ocean injured, while all of your mates are out there having the time of their lives! This pushes me to constantly stay up to date with the most effective rehab techniques and exercises to minimize time spent away from the activities you love. I also firmly believe in the phrase ‘practice what you preach’, so you can be sure that any exercise I prescribe you will have been tried and tested on myself first!

In addition to surfing & sports, I have a strong passion for playing and making music, getting outdoors regularly and travelling whenever I can. So whether you need help with an injury, want some health advice or just want to come in for a chat, come in and see me at 8th Ave Physio in Palm Beach.

Otherwise if I’m not in the clinic or away travelling, you can contact me via email at [email protected] or keep up to date with my blog here”

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